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The credentialing process is one of the most important functions of a practice, and our staff can manage it for you. From initial credentialing with insurers to renewals, we will work with individual plans to ensure that their standards are met and all documentation is submitted in a timely manner.

In addition, we will monitor insurers to track when credentials need to be updated so that your status as an in-network provider is not interrupted.

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KollectMD service benefits

Credentialing services allow you to:

  • Keep your credentials up to date with insurers.
  • Ensures all insurer credentialing and recredentialing deadlines are met.
  • Save staff time which allows them to focus on other patient-related tasks.
  • Expand your patient base and revenue potential through increased insurer participation.
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Best Healthcare RCM
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KollectMD strongly believes client satisfaction leads to successful long-term relationships. We value these relationships and are committed to providing the best practice management solutions to our clients.

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