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Pricing Table


KollectMD offers customized pricing options based on your practice needs.

Our base rate for revenue cycle management services is 2.75% of monthly collections, with additional fees for, credentialing, and prior authorization services and other services. We can perform a free claims analysis to identify areas where we can improve your practice operations and maximize your revenue.


Basic Billing @ 2.75%
of your monthly collection

  • Eligibility and Benefit Verification
  • Charge Entry
  • Claims Scrubbing
  • Payment Posting
  • Accounts Receivable Management & Appeals
  • Denial Management
  • Patient Statement Services
  • Patient Inquires
  • Collections Assistance
  • Basic Reporting

Add-On Features

  • Prior and Retro Authorization/Referrals
  • Coding
  • Provider Credentialing / Contracting
  • Revenue Cycle Analytics Services
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Billing Audit
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Take advantage of our free billing review to find out if your billing processes are resulting in maximum reimbursements for your practice.

A Billing Review will help you discover if you can:

  • increase your reimbursements and get paid quicker
  • increase the profitability of your practice
  • lower your claims adjustment rate
  • reduce your practice’s accounts receivable
  • reduce your back-office expenses
  • improve the workflow, patient services and the bottom line for your practice!
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Best Healthcare RCM
service provider in the US.

KollectMD strongly believes client satisfaction leads to successful long-term relationships. We value these relationships and are committed to providing the best practice management solutions to our clients.

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