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Revenue Cycle Analytics

medical revenue cycle analytics

Healthcare organizations must build a sophisticated reporting and analytics program to analyze their revenue cycle inefficiencies when reimbursement rates decline. While most practice management software includes comprehensive reporting capabilities, the creation of these reports, as well as periodic review reports, takes time and effort.

Revenue Cycle Analytics services enable you to assess your performance and make improvements to all aspects of your medical billing processes. Our process teams collaborate with you to develop and implement complete process modifications that will improve your revenue cycle results.

healthcare revenue cycle analytics

KollectMD service benefits

Our eligibility, benefits verification and prior authorization services offer:

Revenue Cycle Performance Check

KollectMD can provide in-depth analytics of your revenue cycle performance to ensure that you can make quick decisions based on data and thereby optimize staff productivity, monetory outcomes, and the patient experience.

Accounts Receivable Analytics

We tracks the performance of your Account Receivable KPIs, identify and resolve inefficiencies in the process and maximize collections.

Analyze Payment Denials

Get a comprehensive view of the revenue lost due to unpaid claims, identify the most common reasons for denials, and figure out how to improve your collections. We assist you in establishing a long-term strategy to prevent payment denials and delays.

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